Friday, 24 April 2015

Gamehouse assignment

So I got this assignment from Gamehouse two weeks back. (Hi guys from Gamehouse!)
Since it's a bit of a departure from what style I usually have I figured it'd be good to document the steps I took to get there.

First piece is a loading scene. Wherein the game could load and set a scene at the same time. 
1. preliminary sketches. Trying to figure out what pose works best for what is asked. It's a scene with a customer and a shopkeeper fitting clothes. With this sketch I thought it was focused too much on the thing that looks like a tail. (was trying to create a unique piece of clothing)
2. I changed the pose to the customer holding her dress and looking at it a bit unsure. Also starting to play with values.
3. Adding color. At this step I realised I wasn't going to get the style I wanted with this technique. This is something I often use to get started.
4. Lowered the opacity on what I had, started sketching over it with simple shapes. Something I should have started with.
5. Colors and values right off the bat. No silly layering, Had some issues getting the eyes right since it's something I've never done before. Also notice the face of the shopkeeper is pretty meh.
6. Here I start to add proper shading and a background. I also changed the shopkeepers shoes to be a bit more glamourous.
7. Added lighting effects, detail and textures. I quite like how this all turned out.

Another piece they asked for was a gameplay scene. A fashion store.
1. This is my first sketch/mood piece. I was aiming for a morning sunlight type of deal. Very simple and much much too small. I was thinking of a bridal shop at first which is really intimate. But I figured that wouldn't support their gameplay. So I expanded it and added a bunch more.  Also it was too dark. Their games are really saturated and colorful.
2. Switched around with furniture and when I was happy with that added simple shapes to it all. Notice that I kept the idea I had at the beginning. This is my base. No lighting or details yet.
3. Adding lighting and more detail. More background stuff
4. Adding clothing, things to sell and I started texturing some.
5. Adding even more detail, little things, textures and finishing the look. This is the full picture. Hopefully a place people would spend a lot of game time in.

Long piece of text this time. Hope it's appreciated nonetheless :)

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